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Our mission is to provide motivation and inspire through apparel. Every piece is its own. Every piece has a meaning. Every piece is meant to educate. Trusted Legacy is a brand built on impact and leadership. We will be sure to leave a legacy and remain action-based in our communities. The brand is for the people. Trusted.

Trey and The Streets of Israel

Trey and The Streets of Israel


(Trey, A Basketball, and a Dream)


Now that Marcus and Trey have
formed a friendship, it was time for
Trey to make more friends and learn
about different people and their
Trey and The Streets of Israel exposed
Trey to totally different lifestyle when
he met his new friend Kyle, but it also
showed him their values are similar.
Trey was very excited to learn about
Kyle and Israel, but was even more
excited to tell his other friends about
their journey.

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